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Anyone Can be a Photographer?

Photography has gone through a ton of technological changes over the past 20 years.  One of the consistencies however is the fact that anyone can be a photographer.  Some of the best photographers throughout history never academically studied the craft.  They are the ones that helped establish the rules of photography that we have learned to bend and break today.

I began my career as a photographer with a simple decision to pick up a brochure for photography classes being offered at a Community College in North Carolina.  I had gotten my High School diploma and was faced with the option of getting a job or going to college.  My journey began with a Canon A1 purchased at a pawn shop, along with a heavy technical base of classes.  I later transferred to the Savannah College of Art and Design and went on to get my Master’s of Fine Art in Photography.  I have since had an amazing 11-year career as a photojournalist.  Was an MFA or any degree really necessary for my job?  Probably not, but I would have never survived the transition to digital without the immense technical background I had accumulated.  Knowing how to capture a good photograph has not changed, just the immediacy in which the final image can be viewed.I am often torn by the nature of the field that I love.  Part of me as a working professional is often frustrated with the increasing number of “professional photographers” that have gotten a new camera and suddenly want to make a living selling their work.  The teacher in  me wants to share my love and knowledge of photography with others so they can at least learn the terminology.This morning, I saw a segment on the Today Show about a mom who created different whimsical scenes around her sleeping baby out of blankets and household items, and then took photos.  She has published a book of the images and Ann Curry, a very good photographer herself, did the interview.  The woman told the audience that they could use their iPhone or other camera to do the same at home.  Ann threw in the fact that the images were taken near a window with natural light and the woman just looked at her without reply.

Yes, anyone can be a photographer.  Photography has always been like music in the sense that you can have a natural talent and produce art without formal training.   However that doesn’t mean that just because I own a nice guitar you want me playing at your wedding.  Just saying.

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Sweetheart Special Photo Session

February is a special month.  For one, my wife and I both celebrate our birthdays, but more importantly for the rest of the world- it is the month of Love.  In honor of Valentine’s Day, I am offering a special package to our Facebook Fans.
From now until February 15th, I am offering a Sweetheart Photo Session for $125.
This special package will include:
  • a one hour photo shoot on location somewhere in our beautiful city
  • a disk containing the edited images
  • one 11×14 print for framing

In order to get this special package all you have to do is Like us on Facebook or sign up to follow my Photo Blog.  This is a great opportunity for anyone; whether you’re newly engaged or want new professional photos of the family.

Book your session today!  Call me at 912.604.5904 or email

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