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Picturing Love


What do you do if your wife comes downstairs on a Sunday morning wearing her wedding dress? Well many men might run or call someone to come and take her away for some therapy. But if you promised her that you would take photos of her in her dress with the dogs to celebrate your first anniversary, well you will do what I did and get up and get your camera gear.

While I have always photographed the occasional wedding it wasn’t until 2008 that I really began to spend more time focusing on wedding and engagement photography. So what was the big change? I guess it sounds a little cheesy but it wasn’t until I met my wife Rebecca and fell in love that I was truly able to appreciate the subtle nuances of a couples’ love for one another.

Now that I have experienced my own wedding and reception I have an even greater understanding of the many emotions a couple goes through on that special day. So all of the brides and grooms that I have had the honor to work with over the past several years and the ones I hope to work with in the future please join me in thanking my beautiful wife Rebecca for all of her love, support, and inspiration.

Thank you Sweetie!  I had a great time capturing these photos of you!


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