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Shooting With My 3 Legged Thing

July 4th fireworks over Savannah, Georgia.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for a good logo. When I first saw the logo for Three Legged Thing, I immediately wanted one. I looked into the products, read the specs and decided that the Adriantravel tripod was the best fit for my current needs. It is light and compact with a removable, reversible center column and detachable leg that works as a monopod. It has a maximum height of nearly 60” and is around 16” when folded. Perfect for carrying on hikes around cities, or as I found recently up small ladders to rooftops. The company is based in the UK, so I was excited when I found that American distributors were selling their tripods.

I put it to use right away while shooting a beautiful outdoor wedding. My immediate reaction was good with no issues during my first use. Soon after, I used it to shoot photos of fireworks during an event, and this time things weren’t quite as smooth. The Adrian has four sections of legs that extend, and as I rushed to set it up, I found it quite difficult to get them all extended and locked into place rapidly. Unfortunately, I missed the shots that night.

First shoot with 3 Legged Thing.

I next used the tripod while walking around beautiful historic St. Augustine, Florida. While setting up, I realized it was not 100% level and found that some how one of the feet was gone. It was also slipping a bit as I was shooting. I was not very happy after shooting some night shots, so I emailed the crew at Three Legged Thing to complain. They responded after the Memorial Day holiday weekend to let me know they would be sending me a replacement foot and they also provided some suggestions to handle the slipping.

Carraige St. Augustine, Florida.

Shooting the Castillio de San Marcos with my 3 Legged Thing.


I was very close to just sending the tripod back, but I waited for the new foot, which was rapidly delivered along with some more awesome logo stickers. I gave it another chance, and I am really glad I did. After finally sitting down and tightening everything and properly learning how the tripod functioned, I went out on the town to give it a try. I have had nothing but good experiences since.

Armillary in Troup Square Savannah, Georgia.

Photographing the armillary.


I have found it to be excellent tripod for its size. It is very versatile and easy to carry. On July 4th, I trekked up to the roof of a local downtown Savannah hotel for a view of the fireworks display over the city. When I got to the top floor, I found that I had to go a vertical ladder to actually reach the level where I could capture the needed photos. I was quite glad that I had such a lightweight and easy to carry tripod to get up that ladder.

Ready for the fireworks.

Photographing the sunset over Savannah.


Once on the roof, the Adrianwas easily leveled and positioned where I could get the shoots I wanted. I was also able to quickly maneuver it to the other side of the roof for a different angle. While the Adrian can not handle a lot of weight, (17.6 lbs is what the company says it will support, so no large lenses), it is a perfect travel tripod. I’ve not been much of a fan of tripods in the past (I use what’s around me), but I like this one as it is versatile and fits my needs. I keep mine in the trunk of my car so it can always be on hand and ready, just in case I find myself in need of some stability.

3 Legged Thing Adrian folded compared to a Manfrotto fully compressed.

3 Legged Thing Adrian, left, unfolded standing in front of unfolded Manfrotto.

Airhead on 3 Legged Thing Adrian.

HDR taken in the marsh using 3 Legged Thing Adrian.





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