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Pat & Herman: Savannah Wedding Photography

Savannah is a beautiful destination for weddings both big and small.  On Monday I had the opportunity to photograph Pat and Herman during their wonderful ceremony at the Kehoe House.  The North Carolina couple met through and online dating service and quickly fell in love.  Herman proposed over the summer and they decided on Savannah for their elopement. Pat was all smiles throughout the ceremony, which was eloquently conducted by the Rev. Steven Schulte.

It is always a pleasure for me to share in a couple’s happiness and love on their wedding day. Congratulations Pat and Herman!

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Gratitude and Thanksgiving

My lovely wife Rebecca with our dogs Maya and Beauregard


Thanksgiving is a day filled with family, friends, and over indulgence. It is also a time to celebrate and be grateful for the many gifts we have received.  For me gratitude is something that can be drowned out by the minor and often meaningless little problems that occur.  I have always found it easier to see the many blessings of life when I write them down so here is my “Gratitude List”.

  • I am grateful for my lovely and amazing wife Rebecca she always helps me to stay balanced and focused.
  • I am grateful for our families, for all of their love and support.
  • I am grateful for our many friends who help us to stay sane and know we are loved and not alone.
  • I am grateful for our new home! Last year I would have never dreamed we would be spending the holidays in a home of our very own.
  • I am grateful that while Rebecca and I both had minor auto accidents this week neither of us or anyone else was injured and the cars will be repaired.
  • I am grateful for the many clients who have entrusted me over the past year with their photography needs.
  • I am grateful for the many that have stood by me through the years. All who have encouraged me when I have been hard on myself and supported me through the good and the bad.
  • I am truly grateful that I am able to see today the many blessings that I ignored or was unable to understand for many years.

My challenge for everyone is to create your own “List” and celebrate the many things we all have to be grateful for and to not dwell on the negative for at least a little while today.


Happy Thanksgiving!


With Rebecca in one of our favorite towns, St. Augustine Florida.

Our new home! Yay!!



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6-Months and Growing : Savannah Family and Wedding Photography

The Holidays are here and since so much of the focus around Thanksgiving and Christmas is on family what better way to celebrate than with a family photo session.  I had the pleasure to photograph Reid when he was a newborn, just a few days old.  Now believe it or not he is already 6-months-old (wow has this year flown by).  I met Reid and his mom in Forsyth Park a few weeks ago for a “last Light” photo session (when it was much warmer out).  Since Dad was unable to be there we met at City Market the day before Thanksgiving to capture a few photos of the whole family.  It has been such a pleasure photographing Reid and his family over the past few months.  I look forward to many more sessions as he continues to grow.

















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