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What’s the Best Camera?: Savannah Scenes

Jane+ Kodot XGrizzled

What is the best camera? Well that’s the age old question always asked. Is it Nikon or Canon? I’m not sure, I use both and like them both. When I was taking my photography classes fellow students would always ask and one of my professors would always answer “the one you have with you.” Now at the time that seemed like a bit of a silly answer. 15-20 years ago you pretty much had a choice of a point and shoot or an slr and you had to have film for both. But today this thinking has really changed. There are no more excuses for not attempting to capture a photo when you see one because almost everyone is armed with a camera on their cellphone. In fact nearly every camera phone is better resolution and quality than the first digital camera I used at the newspaper. Over the past couple of years I have often taken photos with my phone but since I got an iPhone just before Christmas I have made more of an effort. I have been using the “Hipstamatic” app for a few months, and lately I have been obsessed with the “Tinto 1884 + C-Type Plate”. It still baffles me from time to time how far digital photography has come and yet so many prefer the look of film. It sure is a lot easier to get these results today than spending hours in a darkroom creating them.

Here are a few of my favorite images that I have taken with my iPhone, which I always have with me.

railroad chairs

building Bridge work

tree 1 tug and bridge

blair crimmins me


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Savannah Scenes: Troup Square /Savannah Wedding and Family Photographer

troup square armillary

Savannah has so many beautiful squares that are always changing with the seasons and the weather. I believe you could photograph every day and continue to capture something new. Here are a few photos from and around Troup Square.  This well manicured Square is located on Habersham and Macon Streets and is home to an armillary, one of the only modern artworks located in one of Savannah’s Squares.  The armillay is well loved by the residents living in the area who were quite upset a few years back when a drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into it, knocking it from its base. The armillary has since been repaired and returned to its home.

vintage troup sq armillary detail 3

sidewalk door 1

armillary detail 2 armillary detail 1

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What I Learn as a Photographer: Savannah Wedding and Family Photography

Al Gore speaks during the Savannah Book Festival.

Al Gore speaks during the Savannah Book Festival.

Through my nearly 20-years as a photographer I have learned to go with the flow, expect the unexpected, and always be prepared. One of the things I love most about being a photographer is that I am always learning, both about the craft of photography and my subjects. This past weekend was no different and I learned quite a few interesting tidbits.

al gore 3     Al Gore speaks during the Savannah Book Festival.

  • I found that former Vice President Al Gore actually has a sense of humor. Saturday morning at the Savannah Book Festival was my first opportunity to photograph and hear him speak. While I’m sure it wasn’t his main intention, one of the things I will remember for a while is a joke he told during his talk.

021613 3 SSU vs Presbyterian 021613 1 SSU vs Presbyterian

  • I realized during a pretty cold afternoon of photographing baseball that college sports are quite ironic. Football starts during baseball weather while the baseball season starts in football weather.

SSU Catcher

  •  I also learned that while it is ok to run over the catcher it is not ok to use your hands to shove him down.

Eden 4 Eden 2

Eden 1 Eden 3

  • Sunday I photographed my first Baptism and I learned how joyful and special such an occasion could be. 

rebecca and beau

  • Most importantly I once again learned how special my wife is! She graciously passed on our Saturday night dinner plans to help take care of a sick friend who I brought home because he didn’t have any heat at his apartment.

Thank you Rebecca for being so amazing and understanding!



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