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Viki & Tim: Savannah, Ga Wedding Photography


Almost any spring day is a perfect day for a Savannah wedding. A Memorial Day weekend Sunday is certainly no exception. Victoria and Tim picked the perfect day and the perfect location for their Savannah destination wedding. While they currently reside in Lexington, Kentucky, their hearts belong to Georgia. Viki spent part of her childhood in the Savannah area, while Tim grew up just south of Savannah, in Brunswick. While their paths crossed several times over the years, they did not actually meet until an archeology conference in Lexington, just two years ago, which Tim had crashed in order to visit friends from Florida. They didn’t realize until later that this “meeting” had been arranged by a mutual friend at the University of Kansas. They met for coffee the following week, and soon began dating, falling ever so madly in love. Tim is a romantic through and through and put together an extravagant plan to get Viki to take a trip with him so he could propose.

Family and close friends joined them in Savannah for the big day. Viki and the ladies got ready at the Hyatt Regency on the riverfront before taking an Oglethorpe Trolley to the Isaiah Davenport House Museum for a beautiful garden ceremony.  The reception was held at Churchill’s 10 Downing Banquet room, and included a sit-down 3-course dinner which allowed plenty of time for friends and family to reconnect and enjoy the happiest of days with Viki and Tim.

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-1 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-4

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-2 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-5

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-3  Viki-&-Tim-Blog-6

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-8 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-7

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-10 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-9

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-12 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-15


Viki-&-Tim-Blog-16 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-17

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-14  Viki-&-Tim-Blog-21

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-18 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-19

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-23 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-22

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-28 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-24

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-30 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-25

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-27 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-26

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-34 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-29

Viki-&-Tim-Blog-33 Viki-&-Tim-Blog-31

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Wedding Consultant: From This Day Forward Weddings and Events

Ceremony: Davenport House Museum

Flowers: Kiwi Fleur

Hair and Make-up: Salon Aqua

Transportation: Oglethorpe Tours

Rentals: Savannah Special Events

Ceremony Music: New Arts Ensemble

Officiant: Rev. Jim Haskell (Bride’s uncle)

Reception: Churchill’s 10 Downing

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Ansley & Brendan: Savannah, Ga Wedding Photography


Everyone dreams about the perfect wedding day with the perfect location, the perfect dress, and the perfect weather…not to mention, the perfect bride or groom. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always cooperate with our plans, and will sometimes throw us a little curve ball. Saturday, May 18 started out as a beautiful day. The sun was out and the temperatures were warm when I arrived at the historic rental house on Jones Street to photograph beautiful bride, Ansley, getting ready. It started to rain just a few minutes before it was time to go to Telfair Square for the ceremony. When I arrived, the groom, Brendan, was considering an alternative to the planned outdoor wedding. They had a tent set up for the reception, so after moving tables around to create an aisle, the ceremony was on.

Ansley and Brendan met in the fall of 2006 while both working in Neuroscience research. They began dating and endured a long distance relationship for 4-years, while in graduate schools in different states. Now reunited and living in Atlanta, there was no way they were going to let a little rain stand in the way of their Big Day. The rain stopped shortly after the intimate ceremony under the tent and the remainder of the evening was picture perfect!

Congratulations Ansley and Brendan! Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your special day.

Ansley-&-Brendan-1 Ansley-&-Brendan-2



Ansley-&-Brendan-5 Ansley-&-Brendan-6




Ansley-&-Brendan-10 Ansley-&-Brendan-9

Ansley-&-Brendan-11 Ansley-&-Brendan-12

Ansley-&-Brendan-13 Ansley-&-Brendan-14

Ansley-&-Brendan-15 Ansley-&-Brendan-16

Ansley-&-Brendan-17 Ansley-&-Brendan-18



Ansley-&-Brendan-20 Ansley-&-Brendan-21




Ansley-&-Brendan-25 Ansley-&-Brendan-26

Ansley-&-Brendan-27 Ansley-&-Brendan-28

Ansley-&-Brendan-29 Ansley-&-Brendan-30





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Every Moment is Special: Savannah Children and Family Photography


This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and I was fortunate to spend a part of the day photographing 2-year old Marcella at Forsyth Park. I first had the opportunity to photograph her last year in Beaufort as she played along the beautiful downtown river front. Soon after we arrived at Forsyth I began to get a little bit of a complex as Miss Marcella completely ignored me and avoided my camera as best she could. She quickly got over it and began to run around the playground, while I did my best to keep up. After a few photos we decided to move out into the park for some different images.

As 2-year-olds will sometimes be stubborn, she suddenly decided that she didn’t want to do anything we wanted her to do. Just as Marcella took the book we were trying to get her to read and threw it to the ground my wife, who is a middle school guidance counselor in Beaufort County, received a call that one of the students in her school had passed away. This changed the mood of the whole experience and allowed us all to appreciate this special time. We went back to what Marcella wanted to do and I let her be herself as I continued to capture images. I followed her as she walked around in circles in the fragrance garden touching the rose petals and even captured the expression on her face as she touched a decaying rose and watched its petals fly away with the breeze.

I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to lose someone, especially a child. As my wife and I think about starting our own family all I can hold onto is the thought that you must get all that you can from every joyous and frustrating moment, because you just don’t know how many you will have. It also helps me to appreciate my life as a photographer even more as I get the opportunity to experience and document so many of life’s special moments for others.


Marcella-2 Marcella-4

Marcella-7 Marcella-5

Marcella-6 Marcella-10

Marcella-9 Marcella-8

Marcella-12 Marcella-11

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