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Megan and Lubo

Savannah Photography


Historic Savannah was the perfect place for Megan and Lubo to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.  The two traveled from their home in New York City for a little weekend getaway in the South’s most romantic city.  This was their first time away together without their toddler in tow.  While certainly they missed their little boy, Megan and Lubo enjoyed strolling through beautiful downtown, gazing into each other’s eyes in absolute adoration.

Rebecca truly enjoyed getting to know these two along with my associate photographer, Corey Dickstein.

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Megan-and-Lubo-Blog-6 Megan-and-Lubo-Blog-7
Megan-and-Lubo-Blog-10 Megan-and-Lubo-Blog-9

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Teja and Vijay

Savannah Engagement Photography


Teja and Vijay came to Savannah for a mini weekend vacation from Atlanta.  To commemorate the trip and celebrate their engagement, they opted to do a Savannah engagement session.  These two were engaged in November in the Atlanta Botanical Garden while exploring beautiful orchids together.

Their Savanah engagement session was held in lovely Forsyth Park and surrounding historic district.  A gorgeous Saturday + a couple in love makes for a fantastic session.  I love my job and my city.  It always seems like there’s something new to explore in every photo session.

A big thank you to my friend and associate photographer, Corey Dickstein for photographing their session with my wife, Rebecca, who helped with posing while I was under the weather. It has been a joy editing these images, seeing the love and laughter that was had.
Teja-and-ViJay-Blog-3 Teja-and-ViJay-Blog-6 Teja-and-ViJay-Blog-4
Teja-and-ViJay-Blog-5 Teja-and-ViJay-Blog-7 Teja-and-ViJay-Blog-8

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Love is in the Air

Savannah Engagement Photography


It’s February and that tingling sensation that you’re feeling just might be LOVE! Of course depending on where you live it could also be frost bite. We are so fortunate to live in Savannah, where the weather is mild most of the time and the scenery is gorgeous. It also doesn’t hurt to have an adorable couple to photograph like Jonie and Mel. They were so good together, making one another smile throughout the engagement session. We had a wonderful time walking and chatting with them. Rebecca and I are so blessed to have such amazing couples to work with.

Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for allowing us to document your love.
Jonie-and-Mel-blog-1 Jonie-and-Mel-blog-2
Jonie-and-Mel-blog-3 Jonie-and-Mel-blog-4
Jonie-and-Mel-blog-6 Jonie-and-Mel-blog-7

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