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Star Wars Wedding

Savannah Wedding Photography


As I was arriving downtown for Megan and Mike’s Savannah wedding, I drove by several people in Star Wars costumes crossing Broughton Street. I was immediately excited; I mean it’s not every day you see Boba Fett walking through Savannah. My only wish was that they would be somewhere around for some wedding portraits if the bride and groom were ok with that. After I found parking and was walking up to Washington Square, to my surprise all four characters I had just seen were in the Square escorting guests to their seats. I started shooting right away, still not quite sure if the members of the 501st Legion Star Wars costuming group were a part of the wedding or were just passing by. Either way it didn’t matter because it was just not something we see every day. After the ceremony I found out that Mike was a big Star Wars fan (I mean obviously). He even brought light sabers for the whole family to use as a prop in one of the photos!

I had a wonderful time walking with and photographing the lovely bride Megan, Mike, and their family as they made their way toward The Lady and Sons for their reception.  Congratulations, you two! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day in Savannah.
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Wedding Coordinator: Karen Moore, Re Defining Moments
Officiant: Karen Moore
 Violin: Chris Dooley

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Devon: Tybee Senior Portrait


One of the best parts of living on the Georgia coast is that while everyone else is suffering through cold temperatures our weather is often just a bit warmer. Devon and her family were able to come for a spring break visit during one of those unseasonably warm weeks when our temps reached the 80s. What better way to spend a portion of that break than with a trip to Tybee Island for her senior photo session!

Congratulations on reaching your senior year! I can’t wait to see which college you choose.

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Devon-blog-10 Devon-blog-6

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Tybee Island Wedding Photography

Tybee Island Wedding Chapel


The threat of rain on a wedding day can be a stressful thing for a couple and for this photographer. Fortunately with a lot of prayers and a helpful hand from Mother Nature the day turned out perfectly for Ashley and David’s Tybee Island Wedding! The couple got ready at the beautiful Tybee Island Wedding Chapel before we made the short trip to Jaycee Park for the first look and a few portraits before the ceremony. The wedding party had a little fun on the playground before we headed back to the chapel for the ceremony.

After the “I do’s” and some family photos we took the newlyweds to the beach for a little alone time and some more gorgeous portraits. From getting ready to the fun bubble exit the day could not have been more perfect!

Congratulations Ashley and David! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your day.
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Venue: Tybee Island Wedding Chapel 
Wedding Coordinator: First City Events
Hair/Makeup: Salon Twenty-Ten
Officiant: Billy Hester, Asbury Memorial UMC
Catering: Cape Creations catering
Cake: Family
DJ/Music: First City Events



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