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One Year and Growing


One year ago on April 28, I was sitting in a delivery room with my lovely wife wondering if our stubborn little guy would ever make an appearance. This year we find ourselves comforting our little man because he’s not feeling well. I can’t believe how far we have come in twelve short months. The past year has truly been an amazing journey, not to mention a quick one! It seems like only yesterday that we were bringing Spencer home from the hospital, and I was just hoping not to break him. I will admit that things started out a little rocky for me (I pinched his finger in the car seat buckle the second day he was home) but I did get better at it. There were quite a few nights when sleep deprivation challenged my sanity, but that moment, first thing in the morning when I pick him up and he pats my shoulder as he hugs me makes it all worthwhile.

Every diaper and every time I’ve had to change his clothes and mine because of spit up has all been worth it. Nothing beats seeing that smiling little face and his current zombie baby walk as he greets me when I pick him up from daycare. The mischievous look he gives me when he knows he is about to do something wrong or dropping his food on the floor because he thinks it’s funny to feed the dogs. Those are moments I cherish every day. When I look at his disheveled hair and big brown eyes I can’t help but to know how blessed I am to have he and Rebecca in my life. Thinking back to where I was seven years ago on April 28, 2008, I can see that it is only by the Grace of God that I am where I am today. That man and this one are worlds apart and I am truly grateful for my beautiful wife and our little monster!

Happy first birthday Spencer! Daddy loves you!

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Jekyll Island Engagement Photography

I love Jekyll Island! I was excited the moment Kelly and Ryan first contacted me.  From Missouri, these two wanted their love documented in an engagement session while in our beautiful area planning for their destination Jekyll Island wedding. We began the engagement session at the beautiful Jekyll Island Club and strolled under the cover of the magnificent Oaks, which were rich with color thanks to the overcast day.  Sidenote: overcast days make colors pop!  I love the vibrant tones it makes!

After a wardrobe change, we were off to Driftwood Beach, the main reason Kelly and Ryan were drawn to the area, to finish the session. We had a wonderful time exploring and chatting about their destination wedding plans. Mother Nature threatened us with an approaching storm, but we were able to get in every photo we wanted before finally deciding it was time to leave.  Just as we got in our cars, it began to storm.  Whew, talk about luck!

Rebecca and I had a wonderful time with this amazing couple! Kelly and Ryan, Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your visit.

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Vintage Railroad Museum Wedding

Savannah Wedding Photography Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-13

It’s no secret that I love history. That’s one of the many reasons that I so enjoy working in Savannah. There are just so many amazing historic locations that make for the perfect backdrop. One of my favorite spots has always been the Georgia State Railroad Museum. The remains of the old buildings and of course the roundhouse itself, which houses a wide assortment of railroad rolling stock. That’s one of the many reasons I was so excited about Rachel and Jonathan’s wedding on the museum grounds.

As soon as I arrived I knew I would not be disappointed! From the guys vintage looking wardrobe of suspenders and bow ties, to the beautiful flowers and bouquets everything was absolutely perfect. The Blacksmith shop was a stunning showcase of vintage place settings and a beautiful mix of colored glassware. The weather could not have been better or the evening more perfect.

Congratulations Rachel and Jonathan! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your gorgeous day!

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Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-9 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-28 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-10 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-11 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-1 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-2 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-3Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-4 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-14 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-15 Rachel-and-Jonathan-Blog-17
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Venue: Georgia State Railroad Museum

Makeup: JW Salon

Officiant: Brad Tatom

Catering: Barnes Catering

China and Glassware: Southern Vintage

DJ: Five Point Productions

Flowers and Bouquets: Carlstedts

Special thanks to Alicia for assisting me!

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