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Savannah Morris Center Wedding


Leah and Bill’s wedding perfectly showcased this couple’s love for one another.  Not only are they a gorgeous couple, but the location and day couldn’t have been better!  The brickwork at the Morris Center highlights true beauty of Historic Savannah.  After the ceremony, the wedding party enjoyed a short jaunt to nearby Emmet Park and Factor’s Walk for some photo fun.  It was true privilege to be a part of Leah and Bill’s big day!

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Venue: The Charles H. Morris Center
Hair and Makeup: Beyond Beautiful by Heather
Flowers: Leah Owens (the Bride)
Officiant: Don Brown
Wedding Coordinator: Southern Graces
Catering: Southern Graces
Cake: Southern Graces
DJ: DJ Wade, Other Brother Entertainment
Second Photographer: Angela Hopper
Photo Assistant: Alicia May

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Lovely Lane Chapel St Simons Wedding


When your last name is “Love” it seems there might be a little added pressure for a romantic wedding day. Well Nathan and Jillian pulled it off with a beautiful St’ Simons Island wedding! We met Jillian and the ladies at the Ocean Inn and Suites where she was getting ready. After one last look over her vows it was time to put on her gorgeous dress. We stopped for photos under a canopy of oaks near Epworth before heading to Lovely Lane Chapel for the ceremony. During the heartfelt ceremony the couples’ rings were passed around so the guests could pray over them.

After the I Dos it was time for some beautiful sunset photos on the Epworth grounds. This gave Nathan and Jillian an opportunity to spend a few quiet moments together before heading to the St. Simons Lighthouse Museum for the reception. Everyone had a fun relaxing evening, which ended with hot chocolate and smores under the glow of the lighthouse.

Congratulations to Nathan and Jillian! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day.

Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-1 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-2 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-3 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-4 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-5 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-6  Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-8 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-9 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-10 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-11 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-12 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-13 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-14 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-15 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-16 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-17 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-18 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-19 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-20 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-21 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-22 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-24 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-25 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-26 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-29 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-34 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-28 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-30 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-31 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-32 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-35  Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-38 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-36 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-37 Jillian-and-Nathan-Blog-40

Hair and Makeup: The Loft Hair Salon
Flowers: Mary’s Bow-K
Venue: Lovely Lane Chapel at Epworth by the Sea
Officiant: Thad Norris
Reception Venue: St. Simons Lighthouse Museum
Catering: Straton Hall
Cake: Serendipity Bakery

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Perrys Landing Wedding Photography


Cowgirl boots, a beautiful venue, and a happy couple make for one amazing wedding day! Alisha and Mathew wanted the perfect venue that fit their personalities and they found it at Perrys Landing in Hepzibah, GA. Even though they were already married, Alisha was nervous as she prepared for the First Look. Those nerves calmed as she opened the doors to see her man. They recommitted with vows they had written for one another and then celebrated in the gorgeous barn with family and friends.

Congratulations Alisha and Mathew! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your special day.

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