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Bethesda Academy Engagement Photography


Bethesda Academy is a beautiful location for an engagement session, but it has an extra special meaning for Rachel and Todd. Since Todd’s father is the President of the Academy, Todd grew up playing on the vast grounds of Bethesda. We had such a wonderful time exploring the beautiful landscape with Rachel, Todd, and their pup Charlie.

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Victoria and Kurt: Savannah Wedding Photography


Victoria and Kurt were married in October during a small ceremony surrounded by a few friends, but they still wanted to celebrate with a full wedding experience. We met at Wright Square for photos with the family before exploring a few downtown spots with the wedding party.

After capturing some beautiful portraits around the Owens Thomas House we moved to Factors Walk. Victoria and Kurt were amazing together and made this photographer’s job an easy one. They made their entrance at Churchill’s 10 Downing for their reception with family and friends.

Victoria and Kurt, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your celebration!

Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-2 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-3 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-4 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-5 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-6 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-7 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-8 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-9 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-10 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-11 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-12 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-13  Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-15 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-14 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-16 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-17 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-18 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-19 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-20 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-21 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-22 Victoria-and-Kurt-Blog-23

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Wedding in a Winter Wonderland


Christmas is a magical time of year, and in Abby & Ron’s case, the perfect backdrop for a love story. From the first time we met with this lovely couple to discuss their wedding plans, there was a lot of excitement about how the holiday décor would complement their special day. It no doubt did just that, and was a Winter Wonderland for this sweet couple.

Congratulations Abby and Ron! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day.

Abby-and-Ron-1 Abby-and-Ron-2 Abby-and-Ron-3 Abby-and-Ron-4 Abby-and-Ron-5 Abby-and-Ron-7 Abby-and-Ron-8 Abby-and-Ron-9Abby-and-Ron-6 Abby-and-Ron-10 Abby-and-Ron-11 Abby-and-Ron-12 Abby-and-Ron-13 Abby-and-Ron-14 Abby-and-Ron-16 Abby-and-Ron-17 Abby-and-Ron-18 Abby-and-Ron-19 Abby-and-Ron-20 Abby-and-Ron-21 Abby-and-Ron-22 Abby-and-Ron-23 Abby-and-Ron-24 Abby-and-Ron-25 Abby-and-Ron-26 Abby-and-Ron-27 Abby-and-Ron-28 Abby-and-Ron-29 Abby-and-Ron-30 Abby-and-Ron-31 Abby-and-Ron-32 Abby-and-Ron-33 Abby-and-Ron-34 Abby-and-Ron-35 Abby-and-Ron-36 Abby-and-Ron-37 Abby-and-Ron-38

Ceremony Venue: Skidaway Island United Methodist Church
Officiant: Rev. Jim Giddens
Flowers: Kiwi Fleur
Reception Venue: Plantation Club-The Landings
Catering: Plantation Club
Cake: North Beach Bar and Grill Bakery
DJ: VIP Entertainment
Second Photographer: Chelsea Johnson
Photographer’s Assistant: Alicia May

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