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Savannah Engagement Photography- Stephanie and Andrew


I often hear fellow photographers complain about being bored with photographing in the same locations time after time. I have a difficult time relating to that, because Savannah offers such variety that I have yet to tire of exploring her beauty. When I met with Stephanie and Andrew for their Savannah engagement session, we discussed visiting Forsyth Park for a few photos. However, we had to change our plans when we found they were filming for the movie Baywatch and park access was limited. We didn’t miss a beat, and were able to capture some beautiful photos that show the historic beauty of Savannah.

I truly had a wonderful time getting to know Stephanie and Andrew throughout the session. I can’t wait for their wedding later this year at the Mackey House!

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Savannah Wedding- Chatham Sq and The Wyld


It’s not every day that I get to document the wedding of one of my closest friends. After Mike proposed to Jamie, he told me we were invited to the wedding and it was my choice if I wanted to be a guest or their photographer. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to document their wedding! The weather was beautiful in the days leading up to their ceremony. Unfortunately the forecast was not looking too good for their big day. I checked in that morning and Jamie had faith that it would be clear for their outdoor ceremony. When I arrived at Chatham Square, I quickly noticed the gorgeous décor arranged by Savannah Vintage Rentals. I also noticed a few rain drops beginning to fall, but as soon as we brought out the umbrella, it stopped.

The ceremony was absolutely perfect and we had plenty of time to capture some beautiful portraits after. The reception was at The Wyld and my wife, Rebecca and I were excited to visit it for the first time since it reopened. A little drizzle of rain passed over, but wasn’t enough to dampen the fun. Jamie and Mike shared their dances on the deck and guests had fun playing bocce ball and corn hole. We were able to capture some more photos in the picture perfect scenery as the setting sun colored the sky over the marsh.

Congratulations Mike and Jamie! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day!

Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-1 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-2 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-3 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-4 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-5 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-6 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-7 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-8 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-9 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-10 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-11 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-12 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-13 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-14 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-15  Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-16 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-17 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-18Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-19 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-20 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-21 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-22 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-24 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-25 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-26 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-27 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-31 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-32 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-33 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-41 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-37 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-28 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-29 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-30 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-38 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-39 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-40 Jamie-and-Mike-Blog-36

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Brunswick, GA Wedding-Old City Hall


The love of family was the theme of Jaclyn and Ronnie’s wedding.  The two paid homage to their relatives by prominently displaying parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photos, as well as their wedding dresses at the reception venue.  Rather than a first look, the couple shared a sweet moment of prayer prior to walking down the aisle.  They were married in Jaclyn’s childhood church, which has been a big part of her life. Following the ceremony, they were whisked away in a Cadillac to historic downtown Brunswick for a grand entrance at beautiful Old City Hall.

Thank you, Jaclyn and Ronnie for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!

Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-1 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-2 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-3 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-4 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-5 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-6 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-7 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-8 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-9 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-10 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-12 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-11 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-13 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-14 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-15 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-16 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-17 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-18 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-19 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-20 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-21 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-22 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-24 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-25 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-26 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-27 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-28 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-29 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-30 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-31 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-32 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-33 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-34 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-35 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-36 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-37 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-38 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-39 Jaclyn-and-Ronnie-Blog-40

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