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Adorable 1 year old at the Botanical Garden


Mazey Blog-14

Photo sessions with 1-year-olds are just the best! Most are just learning to walk, and while they can stand on their own, they just aren’t quite confident enough to take off running (unlike my 2-year-old). Mazey is just about the cutest and most adorable little angel. I had a wonderful time exploring the Savannah Botanical Gardens with her and her family.

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Erin & Mayson: Telfair Square Wedding

Erin and Mayson blog-14_2

Mayson and Erin met at the University of Georgia in January 2010. A mutual friend invited them both to a house party, but by the time Erin arrived, the party had turned into a poker game. Although this was not what Erin was expecting, she jumped in to deal. As it turned out, this relaxed environment allowed Mayson a chance to approach Erin one-on-one. After a failed attempt at tequila shots, they got to talking and chatted and laughed about everything – school, siblings, fish tanks, and how Mayson still owed Erin that tequila. While she finally did get the tequila, she had also found her man and her forever love story.

Erin and Mayson had the perfect wedding day. After getting ready, they chose to have their first look along Factors Walk. The wedding party joined in for a few photos before heading to a beautiful ceremony in Telfair Square.

As guests arrived at the ceremony, they were encouraged to “warm the rings” by touching them and blessing them. Following the ceremony was a fun-filled reception at the Knights of Columbus. The couples’ personality really came through in the little details, such as the doughnut cake. At the end of the reception, family and friends lined up to send them off in style. Erin’s dad, Ed waved with both arms high in the air, as the classic Bentley drove off into the night!

Erin and Mayson blog-1 Erin and Mayson blog-2 Erin and Mayson blog-3 Erin and Mayson blog-4 Erin and Mayson blog-5 Erin and Mayson blog-6 Erin and Mayson blog-7 Erin and Mayson blog-8 Erin and Mayson blog-9 Erin and Mayson blog-10 Erin and Mayson blog-11 Erin and Mayson blog-12 Erin and Mayson blog-13 Erin and Mayson blog-15 Erin and Mayson blog-16 Erin and Mayson blog-17 Erin and Mayson blog-18 Erin and Mayson blog-19 Erin and Mayson blog-20 Erin and Mayson blog-21 Erin and Mayson blog-22 Erin and Mayson blog-23 Erin and Mayson blog-24 Erin and Mayson blog-25 Erin and Mayson blog-26 Erin and Mayson blog-27 Erin and Mayson blog-28 Erin and Mayson blog-29 Erin and Mayson blog-30 Erin and Mayson blog-31 Erin and Mayson blog-32 Erin and Mayson blog-33 Erin and Mayson blog-34Erin and Mayson blog-35 Erin and Mayson blog-36 Erin and Mayson blog-37 Erin and Mayson blog-38 Erin and Mayson blog-39 Erin and Mayson blog-40 Erin and Mayson blog-41 Erin and Mayson blog-42 Erin and Mayson blog-43 Erin and Mayson blog-44 Erin and Mayson blog-45 Erin and Mayson blog-46 Erin and Mayson blog-47 Erin and Mayson blog-48 Erin and Mayson blog-49 Erin and Mayson blog-50 Erin and Mayson blog-51

Ceremony Venue: Telfair Square
Hair and Makeup: Jessica Bailey
Makeup: Claudia Gutierez, Claudia’s Makeup Corner
Flowers: Any Blooming Thing
Coordinator: First City Events
Officiant: Rev Joe Wadas
Chairs and Décor: Carlson’s Premier Events
Transportation: Old Towne Trolley
Reception Venue: Knights of Columbus
Catering: Creative Catering
Doughnuts: Baker’s Pride
Music: All About You Entertainment

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Savannah Engagement Photography: Brittany and Kyle

Brittany and Kyle blog-1

Savannah is a beautiful city and the perfect location for vacations, proposals, and destination weddings. Many couples choose to schedule their engagement photos while on vacation, just so they can capture the southern charm and beauty of the “Hostess City of the South”. For Brittany, who lives in the Orlando area, Savannah is special because it is the spot where Kyle proposed back in December. I’m so happy we could share in their beautiful love story during a recent visit as they make plans for a future destination wedding.

Brittany and Kyle blog-2 Brittany and Kyle blog-3 Brittany and Kyle blog-4 Brittany and Kyle blog-5 Brittany and Kyle blog-6 Brittany and Kyle blog-7 Brittany and Kyle blog-8 Brittany and Kyle blog-9 Brittany and Kyle blog-10 Brittany and Kyle blog-11 Brittany and Kyle blog-12 Brittany and Kyle blog-13 Brittany and Kyle blog-14

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