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Love, Gratitude, and Growth



As I sit here writing this post I can’t help but reflect on the amazing spring wedding season we had here at Photos by Rich Burkhart! So many wonderful things have happened in our lives, and I am filled with such gratitude for the many blessings we have enjoyed. The joys of the busiest spring wedding season yet also brought along a few stressful times as I struggled to balance my home and work life.  Having a home office is very convenient, but as I have found it can be very difficult to step away from the computer when there are weddings and sessions to edit. My son, Spencer, just couldn’t understand why “Dada” didn’t want to play with him or watch AC/DC Live at Donington for the 100th time (you read that correctly-somehow he loves AC/DC). As the spring came to an end, my loving, patient, and supportive wife, Rebecca and I began to discuss ways to help make the fall wedding season less stressful for the entire family. We finally came to the conclusion that it was time for Photos by Rich Burkhart to move out of our spare bedroom and into its own office space. After a brief search, we found the perfect spot in Midtown Savannah!

Our office is located inside The Enterprise Building on Abercorn, close to both Rebecca’s work and Spencer’s preschool. We now have the ability to meet with clients in a distraction-free environment. We also have wall space to hang our work, which has allowed us to add a new canvas wall display to the products we offer. The five canvas display includes a centerpiece 20×30 surrounded by four 11x14s. We are offering it at a great price, which makes it the perfect choice for showing off photos from your wedding or photo session. Imagine your beautiful memories hanging above your mantle, or on the perfect wall in your home.

As we continue to grow, we want to thank everyone who has helped Photos by Rich Burkhart become so successful! If you find yourself in Savannah on the corner of Abercorn St. and Jackson Blvd. please stop by and say hello!

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Sweet Savannah Proposal

Nick and Amy blog-15

Nick and Amy met at church, so what better way to propose than following a service at one of the most beautiful churches in Savannah! Following Sunday mass at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist the couple strolled over to Lafayette Square and sat on the edge of the fountain. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen, as Nick washed Amy’s feet in the water of the fountain. They sat and chatted for a few minutes before Nick reached in his bag and got down on one knee. Amy immediately said “YES”! Nick responded with excitement by yelling it out for anyone in earshot to hear.

Congratulations Amy and Nick! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a special moment!

Nick and Amy blog-1 Nick and Amy blog-2 Nick and Amy blog-3 Nick and Amy blog-4 Nick and Amy blog-5 Nick and Amy blog-6 Nick and Amy blog-7 Nick and Amy blog-8 Nick and Amy blog-9 Nick and Amy blog-10 Nick and Amy blog-11 Nick and Amy blog-13 Nick and Amy blog-14 Nick and Amy blog-12

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Kirby and Stephen: Savannah Wedding Photography

Kirby and Stephen blog-1

Savannah is a beautiful location for destination weddings! It is not unusual for me to have my first in person meeting with a couple on their wedding day. Kirby and Stephen first contacted me in March about documenting their intimate Savannah wedding. We spoke over the phone and communicated by email quite a bit during the next few months as they finalized their plans. When their wedding day finally arrived I walked into Kirby’s room at The Bohemian Hotel and instantly felt like a part of the family. From their intimate ceremony at Trinity United Methodist Church to exploring Savannah and Forsyth Park, I had a wonderful time experiencing their special day.

Congratulations Kirby and Stephen! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding memories.

Kirby and Stephen blog-2 Kirby and Stephen blog-3 Kirby and Stephen blog-4 Kirby and Stephen blog-5 Kirby and Stephen blog-6  Kirby and Stephen blog-9  Kirby and Stephen blog-8 Kirby and Stephen blog-10 Kirby and Stephen blog-11 Kirby and Stephen blog-12 Kirby and Stephen blog-13 Kirby and Stephen blog-14 Kirby and Stephen blog-15 Kirby and Stephen blog-16 Kirby and Stephen blog-17 Kirby and Stephen blog-18 Kirby and Stephen blog-19 Kirby and Stephen blog-20 Kirby and Stephen blog-21 Kirby and Stephen blog-22 Kirby and Stephen blog-23 Kirby and Stephen blog-24 Kirby and Stephen blog-25 Kirby and Stephen blog-27 Kirby and Stephen blog-28 Kirby and Stephen blog-29 Kirby and Stephen blog-30 Kirby and Stephen blog-33 Kirby and Stephen blog-34 Kirby and Stephen blog-35 Kirby and Stephen blog-36 Kirby and Stephen blog-37 Kirby and Stephen blog-38 Kirby and Stephen blog-39 Kirby and Stephen blog-40 Kirby and Stephen blog-41 Kirby and Stephen blog-42 Kirby and Stephen blog-43 Kirby and Stephen blog-44 Kirby and Stephen blog-45 Kirby and Stephen blog-46 Kirby and Stephen blog-47 Kirby and Stephen blog-48 Kirby and Stephen blog-49 Kirby and Stephen blog-50 Kirby and Stephen blog-51 Kirby and Stephen blog-52

Hair: Michelle Royal
Makeup: Lauren Rossi
Flowers: Kato Floral Design
Venue: Trinity United Methodist Church
Officiant: Ben Gosden
Reception: The Olde Pink House
Cake: Savannah’s Hall of Cakes

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