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Julie and Nick: Savannah Engagement Photography

Julie and Nick-1

I’m a sucker for a sweet love story! Julie and Nick met while both were in Savannah for business. Even though they live in opposite directions, Savannah has become the center of their romance. So what better place to celebrate their engagement, than where it all began.

We kicked off the session in Forsyth Park and had a wonderful time getting to know one another as we captured their love and the beauty of Savannah.

Congratulations Julie and Nick! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your love story.

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Is an Unplugged Wedding For You?


We live in a time where technology is a very important part of our world. Who of us isn’t guilty of staring at our smartphones while sitting at the dinner table across from our loved ones? Many of my colleagues in the photography business are very outspoken about how disruptive wedding guests can be with their cameras and other devices. For me it goes beyond the minor distraction of a few guests with their phones up during the ceremony. It is more a matter of respect for the couple and the importance of the sacred moment. Believe me I know what it’s like to experience life through a viewfinder! I’ve photographed presidents, the Super Bowl, and most importantly the birth of my son. While present for all of those events I realized that I was not fully focused on enjoying and taking in the experience.

While I understand how important (and easy) it is for us to document special moments for ourselves, I see that it is more important to be fully present for such a once in a lifetime experience. An unplugged wedding does not mean that guests should leave their phones at home, it simply means that you would like their undivided attention during your ceremony. You can still have your #personalhashtag and encourage guests to snap away during the cocktail hour and reception. You’ve spent months planning the wedding of your dreams! Choosing to have an unplugged ceremony will help make sure that your guests experience it to the fullest.

Ceremony-4 Ceremony-6 Rob-and-Laura-148 Rob-and-Laura-143 Ceremony-23

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Midway GA Engagement Photography

Paige and Travis blog-1

It’s always exciting for me to visit a new location for a photo session. So I was really happy when Paige suggested her uncle’s home in Midway. It was a beautiful morning to explore the natural beauty of the waterfront property while documenting Paige and Travis’s love for one another.

We had such an amazing time getting to know to know them. I can’t wait to document their wedding in October!

Paige and Travis blog-2 Paige and Travis blog-3 Paige and Travis blog-4 Paige and Travis blog-5 Paige and Travis blog-6 Paige and Travis blog-7 Paige and Travis blog-8 Paige and Travis blog-9 Paige and Travis blog-10 Paige and Travis blog-11 Paige and Travis blog-12 Paige and Travis blog-13 Paige and Travis blog-14 Paige and Travis blog-15 Paige and Travis blog-16 Paige and Travis blog-17 Paige and Travis blog-18 Paige and Travis blog-19 Paige and Travis blog-20

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