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2017 Best of Engagements and Proposals

Today we celebrate our Best of Engagements, Proposals, and Couples for 2017! We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful city. I love nothing more than getting to know a couple as we walk through Savannah’s historic streets, but we also love to explore new photo destinations and travel! During 2017, we visited so many beautiful locations, including Hilton Head, Tybee Island, St. Simons, Jekyll Island, and St. Augustine. We look forward to even more adventures in 2018!

Congratulations to those who were engaged during 2017 and thank you all for allowing us to be a part of your journey!






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Saying Goodbye


Saying goodbye to a family pet is never easy. They love you unconditionally when humans often falter. The blessing is that you were given the opportunity to love and be loved in a special way. Sadly we had to say goodbye to our beloved Beauregard. My wife Rebecca adopted him when he was just a pup, shortly after he was found in less than desirable conditions under a house. He was her best friend and companion from the time she first moved to Savannah. Beau was the delightful man of the house when Rebecca and I began dating (fortunately he liked me). Beau and my girl Maya, were best buddies and our fur babies long before Spencer came along. Beau tolerated us pretty well after the little crying life force entered the house. He became a little scarcer once Spencer became mobile.

In June Beau became a little less spry and began having trouble with his hips. We took him to our vet and he was diagnosed with arthritis. Over the next few months we made numerous trips back to the vet for other issues, finally a specialist diagnosed him with cancer. Beau went to the oncologist on Tuesday and a treatment plan was made. Unfortunately our strong little guy didn’t make it long enough to take his first dose. Needless to say it’s been a tough day here at the Burkhart house! Fortunately we were blessed to have the opportunity for one last family photo session, so we can have a full family photo to cherish forever.

Thank you Beauregard for allowing me the opportunity to love you and be loved by you!

rebecca and beau beauregard-2 rebecca-3 beauregard-4 beauregard-5 beauregard-6 beauregard-7 beauregard-8 beauregard-9


Melanie and Aaron: Mackey House Wedding

Melissa and Aaron blog-20

What is the formula for a great wedding? A fun-loving couple, a beautiful venue, and great food by Cape Creations Catering is a pretty good start. We had such a wonderful time with Melanie and Aaron during their recent Mackey House wedding! The temperatures were a bit warm outside, but through some great planning, we were able to limit the wedding party’s time out in the heat before the wedding and still maximize the photographs we were able to capture around the venue. Melanie and Aaron were amazing to work with, and never once complained about the heat. The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous and everyone had a great time during the reception.

Congratulations Melanie and Aaron! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day!

Melissa and Aaron blog-1


Melissa and Aaron blog-2 Melissa and Aaron blog-3 Melissa and Aaron blog-4 Melissa and Aaron blog-5 Melissa and Aaron blog-6 Melissa and Aaron blog-7 Melissa and Aaron blog-8 Melissa and Aaron blog-9  Melissa and Aaron blog-11 Melissa and Aaron blog-12 Melissa and Aaron blog-13 Melissa and Aaron blog-14 Melissa and Aaron blog-16 Melissa and Aaron blog-17 Melissa and Aaron blog-18 Melissa and Aaron blog-19 Melissa and Aaron blog-21 Melissa and Aaron blog-22 Melissa and Aaron blog-23 Melissa and Aaron blog-24 Melissa and Aaron blog-25 Melissa and Aaron blog-26 Melissa and Aaron blog-27 Melissa and Aaron blog-28 Melissa and Aaron blog-29 Melissa and Aaron blog-30 Melissa and Aaron blog-31 Melissa and Aaron blog-32 Melissa and Aaron blog-33 Melissa and Aaron blog-34  Melissa and Aaron blog-42Melissa and Aaron blog-36 Melissa and Aaron blog-37 Melissa and Aaron blog-38 Melissa and Aaron blog-39 Melissa and Aaron blog-40 Melissa and Aaron blog-41 Melissa and Aaron blog-43 Melissa and Aaron blog-44 Melissa and Aaron blog-45 Melissa and Aaron blog-46 Melissa and Aaron blog-47 Melissa and Aaron blog-48 Melissa and Aaron blog-49 Melissa and Aaron blog-50 Melissa and Aaron blog-51 Melissa and Aaron blog-52


Venue: The Mackey House
Hair and Makeup: Eye Do Makeup and Hair
Officiant: Rev. Doyle Lukenbaum
Catering: Cape Creations
DJ: Diamond Dave Gibson
Photo Assistant: Alicia May
Second Photographer: Natalie Schwartz

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