Charming Southern Wedding at Bethesda Academy


As a wedding photographer, I hate to play favorites. I love every one of our couples and am always excited for their wedding day. Once in a while, a date gets circled on the calendar and I just can’t wait for it to arrive! For my assistant, Alicia and I, that special wedding was Paige and Cesar’s beautiful Bethesda Academy wedding. Now I will admit, that a bit of it had to do with how much fun we had with them during their engagement session, but mostly it was because of the amazing location. We have had the opportunity to work on the grounds of Bethesda Academy in the past, but knowing now that they will soon no longer be hosting weddings, it took on an extra special meaning.

Congratulations Paige and Cesar! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day!

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Venue: Bethesda Academy
Event Planner/Coordinator: Carlson’s Premier Events
Hair: Amber Clements, Simplicity Hair Salon
Makeup: Jackie Zipperer
Flowers: Joann’s Florist
Officiant: Rev. Ben Martin
Ceremony Music: Chris Dooley
Rentals: Carlson’s Premier Events
Catering: Simply Southern
Cake: Coastal Confections
Band: Tell Scarlet
Bar: Johnnie Ganhem Inc
Second Photographer: Chelsea Johnson
Photo Assistant: Alicia May

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