Historic Savannah Wedding at 10 Downing

Alisen and Vinny have this amazing chemistry- it’s like watching a real time romantic movie.  I know that’s cheesy to say, but really, these two are absolutely perfect together!  I knew from their historic Savannah engagement session just a few months ago, that it would be a spectacular wedding for the books!

The two were surrounded by loving family and friends on their beautiful day. Everyone enjoyed this gorgeous destination wedding, even if it was a scorcher out there!  Married at 10 Downing, Alisen and Vinny opted for a First Look in order to take most portraits prior to their ceremony so they could enjoy more of their cocktail hour with those who traveled from so far away.  We enjoyed photographing around the area of Churchill’s, playing on the scenery of beautiful downtown Savannah.

I love the connections I make with couples while preparing for and photographing their wedding day.  These two are no exception, and I’m happy to now call them my friends.  Congratulations, Alisen and Vinny!

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Venue: 10 Downing, Churchill’s

Officiant: Captain Bryce Mitchell, Chaplin, U.S. Army

Flowers: Madame Chrysanthemum

Cake: Delectable Designs

Catering: Churchill’s Pub

DJ: Top Notch Entertainment

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