Savannah Morris Center Wedding


Leah and Bill’s wedding perfectly showcased this couple’s love for one another.  Not only are they a gorgeous couple, but the location and day couldn’t have been better!  The brickwork at the Morris Center highlights true beauty of Historic Savannah.  After the ceremony, the wedding party enjoyed a short jaunt to nearby Emmet Park and Factor’s Walk for some photo fun.  It was true privilege to be a part of Leah and Bill’s big day!

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Venue: The Charles H. Morris Center
Hair and Makeup: Beyond Beautiful by Heather
Flowers: Leah Owens (the Bride)
Officiant: Don Brown
Wedding Coordinator: Southern Graces
Catering: Southern Graces
Cake: Southern Graces
DJ: DJ Wade, Other Brother Entertainment
Second Photographer: Angela Hopper
Photo Assistant: Alicia May

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