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6-Months and Growing : Savannah Family and Wedding Photography

The Holidays are here and since so much of the focus around Thanksgiving and Christmas is on family what better way to celebrate than with a family photo session.  I had the pleasure to photograph Reid when he was a newborn, just a few days old.  Now believe it or not he is already 6-months-old (wow has this year flown by).  I met Reid and his mom in Forsyth Park a few weeks ago for a “last Light” photo session (when it was much warmer out).  Since Dad was unable to be there we met at City Market the day before Thanksgiving to capture a few photos of the whole family.  It has been such a pleasure photographing Reid and his family over the past few months.  I look forward to many more sessions as he continues to grow.

















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Eden Rochelle: Savannah Family and Wedding Photography

In 2010 I photographed a rainy day wedding at the Mulberry Inn on Bay Street. The rain stayed away for the ceremony and the couple gladly used umbrellas to take the photos in a light drizzle before the reception. This past weekend I had the opportunity to once again capture some photos of this happy couple. This time however there was a new addition to the family. Eden Rochelle was born October 15 so we scheduled a newborn photo session for that tiny window between 5 and 10 days old when baby still sleeps a lot. Mom and dad were so helpful and happy throughout the session which made it so much easier for me to capture the photos.

Congratulations Marie and Colin! Welcome Eden Rochelle!















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Letting an 18-Month-Old be Herself

This past weekend I had the joy of photographing Troy, Emma, and Marcella in Beaufort, SC.  The photo session was scheduled to capture some natural photos of 18-month-old Marcella.  Well I have photographed lots of children through the course of my career as a photojournalist, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the energy and independence of an 18-month-old.  We took plenty of props with us to help create some photographic opportunities but Marcella was not interested in wings, tutus, or “gasp” cupcakes!  So I did what any experienced photojournalist would do. I got out of the way and let Marcella be herself.

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