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Flashback Friday: 90’s Fabulous Portraits


For today’s “Flashback Friday” I have chosen a few 90’s fabulous portraits to share. As I look back through my time as a student I have found that I spent a lot of time in the studio experimenting with color and lights. All of these portraits were taken while I was taking classes in North Carolina and here in Savannah at SCAD. I added a self-portrait as a special treat for you today, so I hope you enjoy!







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Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: Sarita & Cornelius, Savannah Engagement Photography

Sarita and Cornelius 8 thumb

This past Sunday, I photographed the second of my blog contest winners, Sarita and Cornelius, along with their 6-month-old son Isaiah. Isaiah was born prematurely at 28 weeks so he and Mom had to spend 72 days in the hospital. Cornelius proposed on Christmas day, adding a spark of joy to what had been a difficult time.  We met in Emmet Park and instantly connected because my lovely wife and Sarita shared the same college major at Georgia Southern University: Child and Family Development.

Sarita was a ball of personality and it only took her a couple of minutes before she had Cornelius relaxed and smiling. They complemented each other very well and it was a joy to watch the family interact. After a few photos of the couple along Factors Walk, sweet little Isaiah got into the fun for his first photo shoot.

Thank you, Sarita, Cornelius and Isaiah for adding a ray of sunshine to an otherwise cloudy afternoon.

Sarita and Cornelius 2 thumb Sarita and Cornelius 3 thumb

Sarita and Cornelius 5 thumb Sarita and Cornelius 4 thumb


Sarita and Cornelius 6 thumb Sarita and Cornelius 7 thumb


Sarita and Cornelius 1 thumb

Sarita and Cornelius 9 thumb Sarita and Cornelius 10 thumb


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Allyson and Parker

As a photographer, I can’t help but think that Savannah has to be one of the best cities in which to live and work.  I especially enjoy exploring Savannah’s historic beauty and charm with couples during engagement photo sessions.  The joy is even greater when I am able to share my view of Savannah with a couple new to the area.  While Allyson and Parker have not spent much time in Savannah, they are both excited about moving to the area later this year, and I am really excited about photographing their upcoming wedding in Athens.  I look forward to sharing in their special day, capturing for them, many lasting memories in their new life together.

Allyson and Parker-13.jpgAllyson and Parker-17.jpgAllyson and Parker-22.jpgAllyson and Parker-26.jpgAllyson and Parker-29.jpgAllyson and Parker-39.jpgAllyson and Parker-46.jpgAllyson and Parker-53.jpgAllyson and Parker-54.jpgAllyson and Parker-73.jpgAllyson and Parker-76.jpgAllyson and Parker-81.jpgAllyson and Parker-82.jpg

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