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A Smashing 1st Birthday: Savannah Children and Family Photography


As a photographer, it is always an honor for me to be asked to capture special milestones in one’s life. Photographing Reid’s 1-year smash-cake session was especially meaningful for me since he was the subject for my first newborn session. It is still hard for me to believe that it has been a year since I first photographed him, just days after arriving home from the hospital. I have had the opportunity to photograph him every 3 months since, and it has been amazing to watch him grow. After so many photo sessions, he is becoming an old pro, and while he may be a little more difficult to keep up with now that he is walking, every session has been fun and unique. I look forward to continuing to watch him grow.

Happy 1st birthday Reid!

Reid-1-year-1 Reid-1-year-2

Reid-1-year-4 Reid-1-year-3

Reid-1-year-8 Reid-11

Reid-1-year-6 Reid-1-year-7


Reid-10 Reid-12

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