Whitefield Square Wedding


They say, “April showers bring May flowers” well they also bring a little extra stress when they occur on a wedding day. It’s never fun to have a downpour begin just a few hours before I’m supposed to begin my photography coverage, especially when the ceremony is scheduled to be outside. The rain really came down last week in the hours leading up to Emily and Eric’s wedding, but I had hopes that it would move out of the area before we planned to go outside. As I arrived at the beautiful Jones Street home where they were getting ready the rain had reduced to a drizzle. The lovely bride was as calm as she could be, patiently watching “The Birdcage” while having her hair and makeup done. Within a couple of hours the skies had cleared completely and it was time for the “First Look”. Since Jones Street is so beautiful we decided to stay in the area for photos.

After exploring a few blocks we returned to the house for final preparation before the ceremony. Eric and Emily even took a few minutes to practice their first dance before heading over to Whitefield Square. Their siblings and pups made up the perfect wedding party for the intimate ceremony. After exchanging vows they shared their first dance in the gazebo before boarding a trolley for a fantastic reception at The Olde Pink House.

It was the perfect celebration of family and friends and I so grateful that I could be a part of such a wonderful day.

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Makeup: Sarah of Glow Salon

Flowers: Amy Harvey Designs

Music: Two Strings

Officiant: Isaac Krull

Catering: Olde Pink House

Pews: Savannah Vintage Rentals

China: Lillian’s China

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